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Italy – 2009

Italy – 6-9 June and 11-14 June 2009

Two separate groups visited Casa Mimosa in June 2009 enjoying 4 days each – and special thanks to Robert Creighton who worked tirelessly over his time by the pool to pen the following words to describe our unforgettable retreat!

To Lucy – June 2009
What shall we call you, who has brought us here
From colder clime where Yoga’s plied indoors
To practice in the open, soothed by air
Blown fresh and clear from mountains high, where pours
Forth the lark his song in softly scented sky.
You are both teacher, careful shepherd of your flock,
A gentle friend of all who’ve gathered nigh,
And tyrant with a heart of marble rock
Who drives her students to extend their skills
And stretch their limbs beyond their breaking point.
You claim that Yoga will address all ills,
But pupils suffer if they strain their joints.
It seems it matters not you set us up for pain
We all express our thanks and will come back again.

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